Order a signed copy of Leftover Pie by 9th December 2017 and get a signed copy of Anna’s first book, 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free (usual price £8.99) too.

Price £12.99 includes a signed copy of both books as well as postage and packing.  Perfect Christmas gifts. Click the “buy now” button below.

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Your signed books will be posted to you on 11th December to arrive in good time for Christmas.

Leftover Pie makes a great gift for students and young people setting out to cook for themselves as well as for busy families wanting to make more from less. 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free is perfect for children aged 9 to 14 and shares the maths and science of waste reduction to encourage understanding and inspire good habits.

Leftover Pie shows you the importance of food waste reduction and gives practical ideas and solutions to this major world problem. Tracing the history of food waste over the last 100 years, the book looks at how we have arrived at a food waste crisis point. Then, without beating ourselves up about it, Leftover Pie shares tips and recipes to help us tackle the problem and make the most of what we have.

With contributions by top chefs, food writers, food bloggers, and food waste campaigners, Leftover Pie shows why loving our leftovers is today’s hot topic.

Leftover Pie helps you:

  • make the most of the food you buy
  • save money
  • lower your carbon footprint
  • understand why food waste is such a huge problem
  • know how best to deal with unavoidable food waste
  • contribute to an inspiring future of sustainable eating.

The average family wastes around £60 worth of food that could otherwise have been eaten.  Grab your copy of Leftover Pie and start saving now!

101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free  Do you wonder whether trying to live a greener lifestyle makes any difference at all? Have you ever wondered about the facts and figures behind green living? Does it wind you up that trying to save the planet seems to cost the earth?

But going ‘green’ doesn’t have to cost you money and, yes, it does make a difference. In this book you will find 101 simple ways in which your family can live a little bit greener without it costing a penny. And it goes a lot further too, because, by following some of these straightforward tips, you will actually save money. Lots of money!

101 Ways gives you tips on how to reduce food waste, how to save water, how to save energy and fuel and how to reuse and recycle your stuff. It gives you the science and maths behind these efforts and clearly shows why and how doing all this really is worth it.

Go on…you know you want to…find out how you can start a green revolution in your family today!

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